Mainland ROV Services

Inland and Coastal Services - Our ROVs can be used to survey walls of inland utilities such as dams and rivers, where it may be necessary to monitor the walls for cracks or damage that will need repairing, where it may be costly or dangerous and time consuming for a diver to check the same area. Using an ROV also cuts out the risk of contamination within the water

Canals and Rivers - The ROV can be used for checking the lock gates for problems, corrosion or to ensure that there is nothing caught that may be detramental to the effect of the canal or river

Water Tanks - We can also inspect freshwater tanks where contamination is a risk and divers cannot be used - we can have a look at cables, weld seams, and standpipes

Search and Rescue and Recovery Operations - Using an ROV in this situation can help assist recovery operations, streaming live to either an above water source where information can be passed on to recovery teams, who can then locate the missing person/object safely and quickly

Security and Anti-Terrorism - An ROV can assist with providing an anti-terrorism survey that may be dangerous or hazardous to send in divers. An ROV can also do pre-dive checks to ensure the diving area is safe prior to diver intervention

Fish Farming - Using an ROV for fish farming is a cost effective way of inspecting and monitoring over feeding, or waste in the fish farming industry. Our ROV's can also inspect nets for damage, which may result in loss of stock. We can provide preventative and periodic inspections of nets or anchor points that would cut down on losses and overall yearly costs

Marinas, Harbours and Port Authorities - the ROV can assist in inspections of ships and dock walls by being remotely operated and able to record parts such as the propellers, anchors and walls. It can also assist in surveying of wrecks etc and carry out recorded surveys of such wrecks. Such recordings can be viewed by experts who can then decide if there are repairs needing done, and what exactly is the problem

Underwater Projects - the ROV can access confined areas, survey and monitor sites for piling operations. The ROV can stay below water for as long as necessary, and monitor what is happening below the water, and possible penetration depths where diving time may be restricted due to air, noise and depth

For more information on what can do to assist your needs using our ROVs, please do not hesitate to get in touch
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