Welcome to our Safety Boats Section

We are able to supply safety/Rescue boats for all your safety requirements from standby safety boats to work boats for any project you have on or near the water
With our professional team of highly qualified, experienced crew,
Subsea Rov And Diving Services commercial work and safety boat services are able to do the jobs that others simply can't do...

From one day to one year-long projects working flexible hours (including weekends and night shift work as required), we provide the craft, equipment, crew and service to suit your requirements wherever and whenever you need us anywhere in the uk.
We are also able to provide safety/Rescue boats at short notice, so your project can begin without costly delay.

Our services include    

Inland waterways (River, Lochs, Canals) work boat Safety/Rescue cover

Inshore Work Safety/Rescue boat cover

Coastal Work Safety/Rescue boat cover

Guard boat work and Event Safety Work

And any other projects that require a boat on the water
For more information please feel free to get in touch

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